Illusions In Revue

ORLANDO, FL - A show of this caliber is usually seen in Las Vegas or Atlantic City, male performers tuck their locks neatly into tight nets, yank long wigs over their heads, slip into pantyhose, wiggle into dresses, step into high heels, apply make-up to make any woman envious! They will flaunt their alter egos to impersonate female celebrities! This one and a half hour show includes lipsynching, dancing and comedy routines by some of the worlds most famous stars!

The show is hosted by the Divine Miss M, Bette Midler, played by Leigh Shannon. Throughout the show Leigh will highlight some of Bette's more memorable moments of her career and introduce you to some of the world's most famous celebrities the stage has to offer.

This show and any of the performers are available for: Conventions, Performing Arts Centers, Talk Shows and Night Clubs. Also Check out 2 Divas And A Queen!

Enjoy a night of Hollywood entertainment with a star studded evening you'll never forget!Featuring female impersonations of the world's most famous celebrities.

This is a promo video of my show ILLUSIONS IN REVUE which is a celebrity look-a-like show. I host the show as Bette Midler, and as Bette would say, “You’ve Got To Have Friends...”  and I have plenty of them. On this very special evening  I brought in friends like Patti LaBelle and Aretha Franklin performed by Eddie Fields and Elgin Kenna performing as Cher just to name a few.  The segments were taken from my show that was featured at the Hennagar Center in Melbourne, FL. The show was a sold out for an entire weekend two years in a row.

Enjoy the promo!

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Cabaret Dinner Show

Leigh Shannon - Actor, Performer and businessman - costarring in My Fair Lidy